• Michael Warner, MD, FRCPC, MBA

    Dr. Michael Warner

    Michael Warner is a visionary leader working at the intersection of buisness and medicine. As President of AdvisoryMD and Medical Director of Critical Care at Michael Garron Hospital, Michael is dedicated to helping physicians thrive in all aspects of their professional lives.


    Established in 2016, AdvisoryMD specializes in optimizing the non-clinical aspects of practicing medicine. Michael's expertise lies in connecting physicians with curated real estate investment opportunities, offering mentorship on personal finance and navigating the financial services industry, and providing career coaching for physicians seeking advancement within or alongside clinical medicine.


    A graduate of Queen's University School of Medicine, Michael honed his skills in internal medicine and critical care at the University of Toronto. Complementing his medical background, he pursued a full-time MBA at the Rotman School of Management, solidifying his understanding of the business side of healthcare.


    With a proven track record as Medical Director of Best Doctors Canada and a background in healthcare consulting at PricewaterhouseCoopers, Michael has seamlessly integrated his interests in business and medicine. His unique perspective and expertise make him a trusted advisor for physicians seeking to excel in both their medical practice and financial endeavors.


    Join Michael Warner on a journey to unlock your full potential and achieve success in every aspect of your career.

  • Real Estate Investing

    Opportunities for physicians & other professionals

  • Pre-construction condominiums



    Deal Sourcing

    • We introduce clients to real estate professionals specializing in pre-construction condominium projects in the Greater Toronto Area.

    Professional Advice

    • We connect clients to real estate lawyers and accountants to review agreements and advise on how to structure investments.

    Leasing Services

    • We work with a real estate brokerage who can lease units to quality tenants.
  • Other Residential Real Estate Opportunities


    Project Types

    • New housing developments
    • New condominiums: mid-rise and high-rise
    • Rezoning
    • Multi-Family rentals
    • Value-add projects



    • Canada
    • United States
  • Financial Mentorship for Physicians

  • Navigate the Financial Services industry mentored by a colleague who has walked in your shoes.



    Understand your current financial situation



    Receive bias-free financial education



    Get introduced to vetted, trustworthy professionals 

  • Step 1: Evaluate

    We help you understand your current financial situation

    Areas we review:

    • What are your financial goals?
    • Have you optimized clinical revenue?
    • Are you minimizing taxes?
    • How do you view debt and risk?
    • Are you appropriately insured?
    • Do you have an investment strategy?
    • Do you use a budget to guide spending?
  • Step 2: Educate

    We help you make informed decisions by improving your financial literacy

    Topics we help you understand:


    • The benefits and costs of incorporation


    • Fees on different types of investments
    • Balancing debt repayment with scheduled investing
    • Asset classes and allocation
    • Alternative asset classes including real estate and venture capital


    • Living benefits: critical illness and disability insurance
    • Term versus whole life insurance


    • Debt repayment considerations
    • Mortgage negotiation strategies
    • Creating a budget with our template
  • Step 3: Connect

    We introduce you to a vetted group of professionals

    Professionals we work with:

    • Accountants and bookkeepers
    • Lawyers for:
      • Incorporation 
      • Complex Tax matters: Hold Co. set up & capital gains stripping
      • Will/Estate/POA
      • VC investing
    • Insurance and Investment Advisors
    • Mortgage Broker
    • Real Estate Investment Expert
    • Angel Investment network for healthcare startups
  • Career Coaching

  • Enhance your career within clinical medicine or expand beyond it

    Career Navigation

    Navigate entering a new industry

    • Healthcare Consulting
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Start-up Advisor
    • Medical Legal 
    • Executive Medicine
    • Insurance 
    Optimize financial aspects of clinical work
    • How to bill
    • Stipend/Salary negotiation
    • OR/Clinical time negotiation
    • Admin/overhead support

    Improve your public profile

    Improve your skills and enhance your profile

    • Resume review
    • Social & Mainstream media coaching
    • Job interview prep
    • Evaluate MBA and other programs

    Start your Own Business

    We help you get your business started

    • Business plan and budgeting
    • Branding
      • Domain name acquisition
      • Website development
      • Corporate email set up
      • Logo creation
      • Marketing materials
      • Trademarking
    • Set appropriate prices
    • HST# registration
  • Testimonials

    Rodger Shortt, MD

    Plastic Surgeon

    "Michael, has provided all kinds of important advice to me over the years. He has distilled what seem like complex business decisions into those about values, ethics and life goals. I have turned to him for a variety of issues and have always been very appreciative of the honest, no bull, counsel I have received ."

    Tariq Esmail, MD


    "Michael and Advisory MD are essential in providing the missing link of a business education lens to my medical training. As someone who has an active interest in learning more about financial planning and making smart strategic career choices, working with Michael not only opened my eyes, but also connected me with other professionals to help me make the best decisions now for the future. Meeting with Michael towards the end of residency was an important step in helping me transition to fellowship and ultimately practice. Highly recommend!"

    Justin Chopra, MD, MBA

    Palliative Care Physician

    "Working with Michael has been a very positive experience for me. By leveraging his medical and business backgrounds together, Michael is able to provide his clients with a unique perspective that is tailored to the specific financial needs and issues of physicians. Being a physician himself, Michael brings added sense of authenticity and credibility, as he too, has experienced many of the same issues his clients currently have.


    Throughout the process, I appreciated Michael's willingness to learn as much as he could about my financial situation, both over the phone and then in person, in order to create a report that was easy to understand, practical and most importantly, customized specifically for me. Another "value-add" was Michael introducing me to various vetted experts (in real estate, law, and finance) that have only helped to further my financial knowledge and confidence.


    Overall, I would absolutely recommend Michael's services to other physicians and I look forward to working with him in the future."

    Ian Taylor, MD

    Emergency Medicine Physician

    "There's a real need for truly independent, unbiased, and reliable financial advice tailored to physicians. Fortunately, Michael is helping to fill the gap with his business. We have gone through a few financial advisors and while we were generally happy with their advice, Michael approached our situation with a unique angle, higher degree of analysis, and degree of professionalism that was exceptional. He's very experienced, knowledgeable, and is particularly in a good place we feel to understand our financial and personal situation. How many financial advisors are in the same stage of life financially, career-wise and family wise? We recommend his services whenever we can and hope to enjoy working with him for many years to come!"

    Tom Donnelly, MD

    Anesthesiologist and Healthcare Entrepreneur

    "Michael has supported the development of my tech start up company providing trusted advice in areas such as research and development, feasibility analysis and healthcare politics. He has kept us moving in the right direction and avoid dreaded potholes start ups often fall into. As a successful physician and serial entrepreneur, Michael possesses a unique skill set and perspective that would be valuable for any company starting in the healthcare industry."

    Joshua Bell, MD, PhD

    Associate Medical Director

    Late Stage Clinical Development


    "I found Michael to be professional, knowledgeable, and an asset in my career transition. He was available during hours beyond what he was compensated for, and our face to face meeting was very helpful in exploring my options for a non-clinical career in medicine. Mostly, I found he was helpful in identifying the unique strengths I brought to a new role, and allowed me to be confident in both making the move. I now have my dream non-clinical job and would not hesitate to recommend Michael to a friend looking to make a career transition."

    Mark Shew, MD

    Family Physician

    "I am a physician who recently sought Michael's advice in seeking financial independence. Michael is able to offer a unique, non-biased, physician-specific perspective on my overall financial health. With his comprehensive financial assessment and financial advice, he helped me to identify certain key weak areas in my overall approach. As a physician himself, he understands the overall financial struggles and advantages of being a physician, and is able to offer targeted advice that you cannot find in non-physician advisors."

    David Mendelson, MD (1)

    General Internist

    "Only a few years into independent practice, I realized that my knowledge of billing was lacking. Michael was able to identify services that I had been providing that I was billing sub-optimally (or not at all) and distill complex concepts into simple ones, helping me maximize revenue, save time and learn to bill independently. I estimate that my billings are 5-10% higher with only a few hours of expert guidance from Michael, making his consultation a great investment that paid for itself in a single billing cycle."

    David Mendelson, MD (2)

    General Internist

    "I initially came to Michael with what I thought was a straightforward investment to review. Michael was able to bring to light important aspects that I had not been explained or been made aware of. With a careful review of my overall financial picture and career plans, it became clear that pursuing the deal would be a major mistake. Michael was able to improve my financial literacy and connect me with an honest, knowledgeable professional who structured the investment in a much more favourable way, which will surely save me tens of thousands of dollars in the long run."

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